This blog is an assignment for my English class but I’m hoping that for the sake of my grade I will be able to find some interest in this project. Hopefully if I am inspired enough it can help motivate me to present whatever I post on this thing as something my viewers won’t find completely and totally lame. What will I be posting on my blog? Well, since I couldn’t figure out what one thing I would want to blog about, I decided I would just try a bit of a lot of things.

This blog will be focusing on not just one thing I find interesting (because it’s never just one,) but a variety of things that I like. I will be posting whatever I come across that caught my attention. My general interests (like TV shows, movies, books, articles, etc…) of the day, week, or month. I may or may not post a few of my own personal things, like drawings of mine or pictures I have taken. Point is that the blog has no specific theme except that it won’t have a theme. If anyone has a particular thing that they would like for me to post, I am open for suggestions. But for now it will just be a variety of everything (except porn, don’t worry Professor Brown.) Some of the shows I might blog about will be The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Bob’s Burgers, and I’ll think of some others eventually. Maybe I might express my opinion of an article or a passage in a book? I’m really not sure, just going to make it up as I go. So this last sentence is because I am so close to 300 so I’m just typing something to get me right at there.

word count: 300


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