Strange Historical Facts

I love the BuzzFeed and all the little articles that you wouldn’t ever think could change your life, like the 27 Amazingly Easy One-Bowl Desserts thing I found. Not that I have the energy to try any of them but it is nice to know that at any time I can make an amazingly easy dessert with only one bowl….so it’s only hypothetically life changing? But this post isn’t about desserts or food and instead it will be a list of some very strange but true historical facts. I also got these from the BuzzFeed so really there is no connection between the desserts and the crazy facts besides that they are from the same website. So i really didn’t need to inform you about the twenty-seven different amazingly easy ways you can make desserts with only one bowl. You’re welcome. 

There are a total of 51 facts but I’m not dedicated enough type them all out so I will just post a few that I find particularity interesting and leave the link to the rest here.


  1. Roman Emperor Gaius made his beloved horse a senator.
  2. Upon dying, some pharaohs were sealed into their tombs alongside their living servants, pets, and concubines.
  3. People were buried alive so often in the 19th century that inventors patented safety coffins that would give the “dead” the ability to alert those above ground if they were still alive.
  4. Animals were put on trial in medieval times and routinely sentenced to death.
  5. In Medieval times the accused often faced a “trial by ordeal,” where they were forced to stick their arm into a vat of boiling water. If their arm emerged unscathed, it was believed God protected them, thus proving their innocence.
  6. Peter the Great executed his wife’s lover, then forced her to keep her lover’s head in a jar of alcohol in her bedroom.
  7. Romanian ruler Vlad enjoyed sopping up his enemies’ blood with bread and eating it. This disturbing practice, along with his family name of Dracula and birthplace of Transylvania, inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
  8. In early Rome a father could legally kill anyone in his family.
  9. The Roman Emperor Commodus collected all the disabled and little people he could find and ordered them to fight each other to the death with meat cleavers in the Colosseum.
  10. The Romans used human urine as mouthwash.


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