I think the last time I opened my sketch book to draw was when Jesus had the Last Super. I’m a little out of practice considering it’s been longer than life since I’ve brought out my pens to scribble in my cheap sketchpad that I bought at CVS when I was fourteen, but I am a little proud of what I managed to accomplish in twenty minutes. I might go back later to clean it up a little more and try to make the lines look a little less wobbly and maybe add a body so she isn’t just a freaky floating head with hair that defies gravity. Maybe I should give her a name? Like, Margret or Johanna? She doesn’t really need a name considering she isn’t alive but neither did any of my stuffed animals so…

I’m not sure how I am going to type 300 hundred words when I really have nothing more to say but maybe I can switch topics now. It is my blog and I was told I could do whatever I want as long as it isn’t pornographic.

But I’ve always been a little rebellious so here’s some porn:

1571570-johnny_depp_02 4812910cfa5eb597109956a8bf4c4507 johnny-depp-diet1 Johnny Depp Johnny-Depp-smile

These are from Google images and it is amazing what we can find when we type out just a few letters. Specifically in the order of J O H N N Y  D E P P.

So I am not exactly sure how I cite these photos (which is almost a little pathetic since I spent an hour in English class learning how to cite an article,) but I know I did get them all from Google images. The lack of citations may cause points to be taken off from my grade but the numerous (and glorious) amount of pictures of Johnny Depps face should bring me in some bonus points. Maybe.

Word Count: 304


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