I Loved You, Always

I recently found a post on Tumblr where there was a short discussion about the game titled Loved. If you click on the ‘discussion’ link you will see a photo set that shows scenes and dialog from the game. When I had come across the post and read the comments I immediately clicked the link that would bring me to the game and spent a few minuted playing through it. But because of how the game is set up I had to go back and play it a few times.

The game begins by asking you a simple question, are you a man or are you a woman? No matter what you choice this ‘person’ will disagree with you and demand you are the opposite of the gender you had selected. After this you will be thrown into a world that is entirely black and white with dark columns placed strategically as a pathway that are occasionally blocked by a series of obstacles you. You will only use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate forward and eventually you will come across the first splotch of color in the game. There will be a few red blocks in your way and the ‘person’ will command you to jump over them. If you obey him he will praise you with either “good boy” if you said you were a woman in the beginning or “good girl” you selected man. If you disobey the ‘person’ he will insult or chastise you for your disobedience.

The game continues with you traveling through each obstacle and the ‘person’ giving out commands that you can either choose to obey or disregard. Sometimes he will order you to kill yourself and other times he will tell you to just stand still and stop moving. Again, if you obey he will praise you but if you ignore him he will berate you. But as you continue through the game and if you decide to obey him, you world becomes much clearer and the pathway becomes much easier to travel through. With each of the ‘person’ commands that you obey, little details in the world you are in become less obscured (e.g. there will be cracks in the boulders around you and you will begin to see the flowers growing beneath your feet.) But if you choose to disobey his commands the world will become fuzzier and less distinct. Splotches of different colors will pop up all around you and will easily crowd your screen and distract you from the obstacles in your way.

Many of the players had experienced an urge to please the ‘person’ who was giving them orders during the game and said they felt guilty when they disappointed him. They had said they found themselves extremely unhappy when they upset the ‘person’ and it disturbed them when they realized how important the ‘persons’ acceptance became to them.

The game ends differently depending on you you play it but no matter how you play it, it is still a gripping and eerie game.

Word Count: 509


3 thoughts on “I Loved You, Always

  1. I’ve never heard of a game like this one before. It seems like the whole purpose of the game is to show how effective a praise or being berated can be. It sounds very interesting. I’m going to have to check it out also.


    1. The weird part is that some players have noticed that if they play long enough they actual start to react to the praise and the disapproval given to them. Like they start to cry and shake, its scary.


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