Night Witches

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When I was in first grade I remember getting really upset with my teacher. It all started when I asked her why there weren’t any lady presidents and why they said amen at the end of a prayer and not awomen. My teacher refused to answer me with anything other than “that’s just life” no matter how much I persisted. While the awomen question was a little ridiculous I really do believe she could have told me that, while a woman has never been president, it did not mean that they have never done anything important for their country.

So below I will talk about some very, very important women. And even if you never asked the same questions that I asked my first grade teacher, this is something that everyone needs to know. The things these women have done are not only incredible for people who are believed to not be physically or psychologically capable preforming such amazing feats, but for any human being.

“In 1942 the Soviet Union formed three regiments of women combat pilots who flew night combat missions of harassment bombing. They flew obsolete Polikarpov Po-2 biplanes, that were otherwise used as trainers, and which could only carry 2 bombs that weighted less than a ton altogether. They were so successful and deadly the Germans feared them, calling them “Nachthexen”—night witches. (Some sources state that they were nicknamed “Night Witches” because it was made up entirely of female pilots and they flew their missions in the wooden Po-2’s at night.)” (you can read the whole article at

So not only was this a squad made up of all females that flew bombs that weighed hundreds of pounds and would drop them on the Nazis in WW2, but these women would carry these bombs with planes that were prone to break down and stop working mid flight. And the insane part is that because these planes were so old and because they were honestly the crappiest planes in the world (a “trainer” were the planes they would use to teach novus flyers and were in no way meant to be used in actual combat,) that when the engines died in the middle of a mission, they would have to climb out of the cockpit and crawl out onto the wing of the plane while they were still hundreds of feet in the air and restart the propellers!

Not only that! The planes were so noisy that they would have to fly to a certain height so that the Germans would not hear them preparing their weaponry and then they would turn off their plane, coast down to German lines, drop their bombs, and restart their engines so they could get away safely.

Something else that is totally amazing is that the leader of this group successfully completed over 200 of these missions and was never once captured

Below is a picture of the Night Witches  \(◕ヮ◕✿)/


(Found on Google Images. A Group of Russian woman called the “Night Witches”)

Next week I’ll post another article on some more amazing female heroes. 🙂

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One thought on “Night Witches

  1. That is so interesting, That’s amazing these women were able to complete so many missions in WW2, even though they were using the worst planes and had to climb out on the wings when restart then when they failed. These women were strong, smart and fearless. Go women.


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