I think the last time I opened my sketch book to draw was when Jesus had the Last Super. I’m a little out of practice considering it’s been longer than life since I’ve brought out my pens to scribble in my cheap sketchpad that I bought at CVS when I was fourteen, but I am a little proud of what I managed to accomplish in twenty minutes. I might go back later to clean it up a little more and try to make the lines look a little less wobbly and maybe add a body so she isn’t just a freaky floating head with hair that defies gravity. Maybe I should give her a name? Like, Margret or Johanna? She doesn’t really need a name considering she isn’t alive but neither did any of my stuffed animals so…

I’m not sure how I am going to type 300 hundred words when I really have nothing more to say but maybe I can switch topics now. It is my blog and I was told I could do whatever I want as long as it isn’t pornographic.

But I’ve always been a little rebellious so here’s some porn:

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Strange Historical Facts

I love the BuzzFeed and all the little articles that you wouldn’t ever think could change your life, like the 27 Amazingly Easy One-Bowl Desserts thing I found. Not that I have the energy to try any of them but it is nice to know that at any time I can make an amazingly easy dessert with only one bowl….so it’s only hypothetically life changing? But this post isn’t about desserts or food and instead it will be a list of some very strange but true historical facts. I also got these from the BuzzFeed so really there is no connection between the desserts and the crazy facts besides that they are from the same website. So i really didn’t need to inform you about the twenty-seven different amazingly easy ways you can make desserts with only one bowl. You’re welcome. 

There are a total of 51 facts but I’m not dedicated enough type them all out so I will just post a few that I find particularity interesting and leave the link to the rest here.
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This blog is an assignment for my English class but I’m hoping that for the sake of my grade I will be able to find some interest in this project. Hopefully if I am inspired enough it can help motivate me to present whatever I post on this thing as something my viewers won’t find completely and totally lame. What will I be posting on my blog? Well, since I couldn’t figure out what one thing I would want to blog about, I decided I would just try a bit of a lot of things.

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